Friday, July 19, 2013

The Legend practices yoga

My love, my dearest husband, shall be here (on this blog) called "Legend." Legend is the title of the best-
selling reggae album of all time, by his personal hero, Bob Marley. My husband loves Bob, but also listens to and recognizes many other reggae artists. Here's a fun fact about reggae: The average american, does not know the name of any other musician. Just Bob Marley. My husband is highly amused by this (in a genuine, not such a smug way)... by the fact that his conversations go something like:

Legend: I love reggae.
Average Joe: Me, too! My favorite song is "Every little thing gonna be alright"

Let's stop there. Average Joes equate Bob Marley's Legend album as the only reggae collection on the planet. While Bob Marley was a legend and there is no one that quite compares... even Bob Marley produced other songs! Does my husband point out to Average Joe that the song is called "Three Little Birds?" No. That's why he's the Legend.

Back to yoga.

I've had the following conversation with Legend almost daily for years now.

Me: Would you like to join me at Bikram yoga?
Legend: Um, no. Not feeling up to it yet. I'll join you tomorrow.

Among other excuses, he maintains that the heat is just too... um... hot. Deep in my heart I admire him for knowing his limits. With this as the mainstay excuse and with my deep affinity for Bikram Yoga, I'll bet Legend thought he was off the hook for good. Not so, Legend. Never underestimate me! I've been to other yogas before... and I can cross the bridge back to other yogas again.

I found a REGGAE FLOW class .... and my trap was set. He fell for it. 

Legend is a yoga virgin no more. Now, did he rave about how fantastic it was and how energized and alive he felt afterward? No. But with men like Legend these affirmations come more subtly. He was proud of his abilities to balance. He was concerned about his breathing technique (join the club), and he was in entranced by the vibrations from chanting Om. He was right on about that. I'd forgotten how beautiful the vibrations of creation can sound. You don't get that at Bikram.

I'll ease him into Vinyasa then hit him hard with the Bikram sweat lodge next month. I jest! I joke! I'm completely proud of Legend for stepping foot in the door, for trying his best, for acknowledging his limits, and for opening his mind to the possibility of yoga. He brought me back to the simplest point of reference. The first step of any journey.

Thanks, Legend.