Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New mat, new me!

Falling backwards in Padangustasana
I love my Jade yoga mat.* Or at least I did until it began to decompose. At first I was in denial of this process. I purchased it seven months ago (on the heels of a Jade Travel mat that's still in great shape) and have noticed signs of stretching and wear as of late. Boo and hoo. This mat was the perfect union of stickiness, thickness and I even loved the rubber smell. It overpowered the scent of any nearby neighbors who had eaten too many tator tots or hushpuppies before class.

Mat hygiene: I rinse my mat every day after practicing and leave it in the shade to dry overnight. I live in Miami so this location is outside most of the year. The rest of the time, it's slung over the tub in my bathroom (sleek bathroom + drippy yoga mat = unhappy OCD husband). 

I was content to blame the staining on detergent from my towel until I switched and used less detergent. Then I was determined to blame the studio for cleaning their floors with something funky. Not so. They use essential oils and rainbow juice to clean.*

My instructor said it was sweat and wear and tear. Gross. I'll revise this diagnosis because I know that I sweat rose petal and gardenia-scented water. My mat was ruined because of the salt air which has slowly deposited into the ultra-ecologically friendly rubber core. I was talked easily into a Manduka mat by my studio owner. I gladly paid him full retail for his help... and for not telling me that I have poor mat hygiene.

I toppled backwards onto my bottom during toestand on my new mat. Something I've never done. It made me giggle. Kudos to the new mat for opening the door to the giggles.

If you have a Manduka mat, tell me how long he's been your best friend! I'm hoping mine lasts five years.

*I love Jade's corporate Web site. They support so many causes, manufacture their mats in the USA and even plant a tree when you purchase a mat. I can safely say that if this Manduka thing turns sour, I'll be back!
**I practice at Bikram Yoga Falls and I cannot say enough positive things about them. The rainbow juice comment was purely in jest. This place is a Bodhi tree!