Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bhujangasana sex ball

To be clear, these are two separate thoughts. I want to write a bit about Cobra Pose, Bhujangasana, but today I witnessed a snake "sex ball." We called pest control to remove what we thought were a pair of mating water moccasins from our grandmother's lake. I have many long and scary, but completely harmless rat snakes in my yard. When I heard there were potentially deadly snakes nearby, I had to be there for the removal.

Trapper John (I'm not making up the name, I swear) said we had four snakes in a "sex ball." He fell into the lake while concocting a grab the sex ball and fling it towards me.

Time out! Had I a moment to think this through I would have said... "Let's think of another plan that doesn't involve throwing snakes at me."

Instead, I stopped filming on my iPhone and ran to higher ground. I managed only this photo, which faintly captures the sex ball on the lowest branch hanging over the lake. Can you see it?

So back to yoga...

Wait, you want to know about the sex ball, don't you?

I had to leave the scene to get to my beloved Bikram class. I missed the big event, but I later heard that the snakes were not venomous at all. They were a completely benign cousin, the Florida Banded Water Snake, which is often mistaken for a moccasin. They are so stealth, they actually squidge (technical trapper lingo) their heads back so it appears to be diamond shaped, like their lethal cousins. Trapper John broke up the orgy and got three of the four of them. I expect the female was smart enough to get away. I further expect more snake stories when the eggs hatch.

Now back to yoga and specifically, Bhujangasana, Cobra Pose. I never feel as though I'm making progress deeper into this one, but it feels ah-may-zing! Benefits are abundant and include:

1. Strengthens back muscles
2. Massages and adds pressure to the lower abdomen, which aids digestion and alleviates menstrual problems
3. Opens up the sacral chakra...

Which will enliven your "sex ball."