Monday, March 25, 2013

Camel lights

Ustrasana, Camel Posture*
Let distractions melt away like clouds disappearing in the sky -Milarepa

I never smoked Camel Lights.
I smoked Marlboro Lights. But I have seen camel lights. The dazedly happy feeling after completing Camel Pose, Ustrasana.

I felt a glimmer of truth in class after the camel posture. It was a memory, seen as a third person narrative of truth. What I once pretended was an endearing memory, became one. This happened in a few seconds and took a few days to unfold. Another thing I love about yoga. The ability to shift perspective.

In his book, Bikram Choudhury describes the following benefits of Camel Pose, Ustrasana:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Relief of backaches
  • Help with constipation
  • Relief of spinal degenerative problems

I would add that it just feels delicious. Is that a benefit?

*My little purple friend is me in Ustrasana. My little drawings are all me, but way better. I use me for basic proportion and then add and subtract when my own physical attributes don't match up to aesthetic perfection. One day I'm going to hurt myself sketching while upside down!